Shell Out Kindness

Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody

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Sea You. Be Kind. Be Change.

Look for beauty in all things. Practice kindness and acceptance of yourself and others. Be kind to unkind people. Sometimes all it takes is some extra love and kindness to crack the toughest shells.

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Kindness is always welcome!

We are looking for like-minded volunteers to help us make our vision a reality; by spreading care, love and kindness wherever you are. We'll help you find a way to 

Shell out Kindness

The Seashell Project encourages people to create inspirational messages on seashells to give to others to wear or just hold onto. A pay it forward  project created by friends and family who believe in kindness. 

"Sprinkle Kindness like Seashells in the Sand"

Breathe in Love. Breathe out Kindness. One Shell at a Time.

Share your extra special shells with anyone who might need a kind word or a reminder that they are special. 

They may continue sharing kindness because you

 inspired them to do so.

Seashell Ambassadors

Seashell Kindness Ambassadors volunteer to spread Kindness by starting a "Shell Out Kindness Campaign" or joining other Kind Clubs in their local schools and communities. If you are interested in becoming a Seashell Kindness Ambassador, please get involved. Send us an email and we will provide you with all the information and goodies you need to get started. We are grateful for your kindness, inspiration and passion to create change - One Seashell at a time.

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Get Involved!

Be a Friend & take time to Care - Share a painted Seashell of Kindness.

Everyday Kindness becomes a Community of Kindness.

the seashell project

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